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Carla Williams Johnson

Publicly thanking a reporter also helps them remember you for future interviews. This is what allowed me to be interviewed on our top local television station a total of three times in just four months.

Everything starts with good research. Be prepared before you reach out. Know the needs of your customers, know your competitors, know buzzwords and trends featured in the media related to your topic, know the influencers and experts on the topic of your business.

Alexandra Spirer

Ever since I was a kid I have always smiled at friends, strangers and everyone who I have met. One smile can change someone’s life.

Filomena Fanelli

If a company has achieved much-desired media coverage, first go on and celebrate, but then immediately move into action.

Media placements are in and of themselves valuable, as reflected by the audience numbers they reach, but leveraging that coverage is what really drives the value of any placement.

Diane Matheson

Brands need to talk to consumers human to human, not brand to the consumer.

Barbara Bruno

Each time someone told me what I could not do, it motivated me to prove them wrong. I have always judged others by what they do, not by what they say. I also want to be judged by what I do vs. what I say. I want people to be better off for having met me.

Peter Dawyot

Life doesn’t have to be so offensive. Be kind, taking a moment to check in on others, be just a little bit better. These small, but impactful steps brighten my outlook daily.

Martha Defeo

Every one of us should be thinking about how we can contribute positively to the world in some way, whether it has a small impact or is part of something big and complex.

Kevin O’Brien

We want to empower users with the information they need to sit at the lending table and control their own financial destiny. It’s their data, and they should know what it means, how to use it and when to use it.

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