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Increasing traffic, trust, and sales (without ads). A new unfair advantage in your market is here:
Lynne Oldham

I get to help businesses thrive through a people lens.

Evynn McFalls

The things we’ll innovate together will make the world a legitimately better place — for everyone. Finally.

Operating in an environment of collaboration not competition helps us all grow and when that day comes that you need some advice or assistance what better feeling is there knowing you have a community that mutually supports you and wants to see your success as well.

Create marketing that you would be delighted to receive as a customer. Beyond being appreciated by users, it’s the key to great marketing.

Jeff Ferguson

Doing things like developing relevant and authoritative content for your target audience, putting it on a properly-built, fast-loading, mobile-friendly website, and obtaining links from other relevant and authoritative websites are table stakes these days. If you’re not willing to do these things, then why bother having a website at all?

Things are changing quickly, and technology is becoming an essential part of HR. Keep in mind the real goal for each trend and consider the degree to which it will help you achieve that goal.

Tania Fiero

As employers, we need to be gracious to our employees because they’ve invited us into their homes. I grimace when I hear about organizations that discipline employees whose children or dogs appear on screen or are disruptive during meetings.

Creating a diverse culture is so important. Not because it’s trendy or the right thing to do. Having a diverse team brings diverse ideas and thinking to create better products and services that reach more people.

Daniel Chait

When things are going great it helps you remember to cherish it and not take it for granted. And during tough times it helps you stay positive and think ahead to better days.

Kage Spatz

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